This Is What Happens When You Let Your 3-Year-Old Pick Your Outfits

Let's mix things up a little.

Being a parent is a serious job. You actually have to manage a little human being. But wouldn't it be fun so swap roles just for a day or two?


Meet Summer Bellessa.

Summer Bellessa, a beautiful mother of two, is one of the fashion bloggers behind The Girls With Glasses. She also blogs for, a parenting website.

For her recent Babble post, Bellessa decided to carry out a little experiment. She let her three-year-old son Rockwell pick her outfits everyday for one week straight.

"As a mom, I'm always telling them what to wear, where to go and what to do once they're there," Bellessa told A+.  "I thought it would be fun to try the shoe on the other foot."

Things got really interesting.

Outfit #1

Little Rockwell paired a Bob Dylan T-shirt with a hoodie, a straw hat and some seriously cool sunnies. We certainly approve.

"I walked down the stairs to show off my outfit to my husband," Bellessa writes in her Babble post. "I waited for a laugh, but he didn't notice anything different. I decided his lack of reaction was either the fact that I'm constantly wearing things that are a little out of the ordinary, or that I'd trained him too well."

Outfit #2

The kiddo definitely loves graphic tees. He matched it with polka dot leggings and golden pumps. 

Outfit #3

By the looks of it, toddler stylists believe that it's all about flower prints this season. Prints on prints on prints. 

We hope you're taking notes.

Inspired by Bellessa, other moms started playing the same game.

#ToddlerStylist is now an actual thing.

Kids around the world are dressing their mothers...

... and we're in love with each and every outfit.

Way to fire up your toddlers' imaginations.

One of these kids might turn out to be the next Alexander Wang, you never know.

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(H/T: Babble)


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