In A Touching Tribute, This Mom Featured Her Late Husband In Her Maternity Photo Shoot

"Hope and faith that is there."

Maternity shoots often capture the joy and love of an upcoming birth, but they can also highlight a couple's struggle to conceive, or the obstacles they've had to overcome to create their family 

For Amanda Snyder, a maternity photo shoot meant celebrating her unborn child, Jameson, but also paying tribute to her late husband, Jesse Synder who died in a tragic accident on May 27. The photos were taken by photographer Shanna Logan and they went viral after being posted on Facebook August 4.


Logan explained to A Plus via email that the two had a goal to somehow include Jesse in the photo shoot "to feel as though he was still there for her, and as a memoir to him in some way."

They had both seen other photographers who had included late relatives in images with Photoshop, but that was a technique Logan had never experimented with. However, she wanted to do her best for Snyder and told her to send photos of Jesse over so she could include them.

The new photos were captured in the land surrounding Logan's studio.

"We talked about Jesse a lot, about her loss, and what had happened," Logan told A Plus. "We had to pretend for some of the shots that he was still there, and you could see her pain. It was heartbreaking while we talked and went through the session. [It was] really hard to take the picture."

"We also talked about how they met and fell in love, happy stories of the time they did have together, and how much she can feel him looking down on her and the new baby."

"No matter [what], in spirit he was there with her, and she and Jameson were not alone. We hugged and felt like old friends when she left, and she was smiling." 

The photographer posted an update on Facebook that Snyder gave birth to her son, Jameson William Snyder, on August 2, 2017, the same day the photos were finished.

"What I want people to take from it is that even though we are witnessing her loss and hardship that she has faced, you can also see the hope and faith that is there," Logan told A Plus. 

"She has the strength to move on, but still honors and keeps Jesse right there with her every step of the way. She is a beautiful person, an amazing mom, and will stay strong for Jesse, [and] raise their son, who he would be so proud of today."

"There have been so many shares, so much support from everyone. The kind souls that reach out to her and take the time to share their support and love mean the world to her. "

"I'm so happy I was able to do this for her, but everyone else coming together for her in her time of need is the true inspiration."


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