Mom Teaches 6-Year-Old Son Lesson In Taking Responsibility And Treating Girls With Respect

"It was a very proud moment for me as his mother."

Mom Zowiee Williams wants other parents to know that it's their job to make kids understand the importance of taking responsibility for hurting another person's feelings, and then making it right. Williams recently found out her 6-year-old son Callum had said some hurtful words to a girl in his class. The girl was playing Duck Duck Goose with her girl friends and they asked him not to join because they just wanted it to be just a girls game. 

"He felt upset that he was left out and told his boy mate what had happened. His boy mate told him what he should say," the Williams told Metro. "He had said words that should NEVER leave a 6-year-old's mouth and he 'broke up with her' in front of his peers." 

When Callum got home, he told his mom what happened. Williams took to Facebook to share that she believes it's up to her to show her son how to treat girls with kindness and respect. 

"Yesterday, I was very disappointed to find out he had upset his special little lady due to another boy mate telling him what he should say and do. So much so, that I felt the need to have quite a good talk with him," she wrote. "Today he is marching into school with flowers and an apology because I feel that we need to teach boys the importance of how they should react to certain situations."


Williams wanted her son to know that it's never OK to be mean to someone and the importance of owning up to mistakes. She says the message was received. 

"Callum now understands that what other people think or say should not sway him into acting like he doesn't care about other people's feelings. Especially a girl," she wrote. "His head was high and he apologized in front of his peers and handed over the flowers. It was a very proud moment for me as his mother. It was a learning step. One I hope he will carry with him always." 

William's post has been shared nearly 5,000 times since she first posted it last week and has amassed over 17,000 likes. Her message about the importance of teaching kids to own up to their mistakes early in life and, in particular, for boys to learn to treat girls with respect, is resonating with so many. Callum is just a 6-year-old , but, hopefully, he'll continue to remember this lesson as he matures. 


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