Mom Studying To Be A Dentist Celebrates First Day Of '22nd Grade' With Her Son Starting Pre-K

Their "son is glad to have a school buddy."

Parents love to photograph their kids going off to their first day of school and all of the emotions that go along with it — whether their feeling, happy, sad, nostalgic, all of the above, or anything in between. 


This year, Scott Tucker wanted to document his family's first day of school for two reasons: His son, Edric, was starting Pre-K and his wife, Katie, was starting the "22nd grade" at dental school.

The dad captured a back-to-school photo of his wife and son wearing their backpacks and holding a sign indicating their respective school years.

In a Reddit post, Tucker explained that his "son is glad to have a school buddy."

He also revealed how his wife came to be in the "22nd grade" by first getting an unrelated master's degree then deciding to change directions and go back to school over 30.

Redditors are wishing both of them luck at school and writing how it's encouraging to see someone in "upper" grades. One person who is going into the "25th grade" thanked them for the post.

Another Redditor wrote, "This is actually really encouraging. I'm 24 and I've got one year left for my Bachelor's. It gets really discouraging sometimes to think people my age or younger are already established in their career field. I went into college right after high school, but ended up completely changing my major from engineering to OT and am now playing catch up. Congratulations and good luck :)"

(H/T: Popsugar)


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