You Will Want To Watch This Mom's Outrageous Reaction To Her Son Coming Home Over And Over

She literally can't even.

After traveling in Australia for two years, Harry McGurk decided to make a surprise visit home to his mother. 

But nothing could have prepared us for her reaction: 



After a copy of the video was posted on Reddit, it quickly rose to the top so the whole of the Internet could enjoy this mom's outrageously wonderful screams of joy. 

"She reacted like someone who had a horrible dream about Freddy Krueger woke up, calmed themselves down, went to the sink to get a glass of water and turned around to find Freddy Krueger standing in her kitchen sharpening his knife-fingers," writes Reddit user ShawnisMaximus in the comments.

That's the most accurate interpretation of this video we could find.

To be fair, McGurk's video description says his mother was expecting him to be gone for another two years, so her excitement is totally understandable. 


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