Video Of Mom Versus Triplets And A Toddler Proves Moms Really Are Superhuman

"Every mom is a super mom in my opinion."

A video of an Ontario mother and her four children has captured the Internet's attention. In the video, which already has over 46 million views on Facebook, Corrie-Lynn Whyte wrestles with her four children as she tries to get them ready for bed. 

The 8-month-old triplets and 2-year-old squirm and try their best to wiggle away, but they are no match for this super mom. 


The video is a time-lapse so we can only imagine how long it really took to get the kids ready for bed.

Though the video shows Whyte dressing the children by herself, she told ABC News she couldn't do it without the help of her husband.

Whyte and her husband, Dan Gibson, have a website called The Baby Gang, to document all the crazy stories that undoubtedly come about when raising triplets and a toddler. So far this has gained the most attention.

Gibson told BuzzFeed News the couple created the blog after they kept getting questions regarding their large family. He said the blog has allowed them to see how happy it makes others who follow their stories.

One down, only three more to go.

Many left comments on Facebook praising the mom of four. Others expressed how they felt tired after they watched the time-lapse of the nighttime routine.

"I'm very tired just watching this," commented one Facebook user

Some offered suggestions, like using pajamas that zipped and didn't have buttons, to make it a little easier for Whyte.

"Bless her heart! I would change them on the floor, or one at a time, and the others would be in a crib or pack n play!" wrote another commenter. "I couldn't do it! Great job momma!"

We've got a runaway!

Whew! Now it's time for bed for everyone.

Whyte told ABC News that while many see her skills as a baby wrangler to be impressive, she doesn't see it that way. "Every mom is a super mom in my opinion."

(H/T: Reddit)


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