Mom Goes Ballistic On Son For Ordering Something Off The TV, But At The End They're Both Smiling

Mom pranks FTW!

Despite the fact that dad jokes are all the rage right now, we need to remember there's still a majorly underrepresented group of pranksters waiting to be discovered.


Just think about it: These nurturing folk lead you throughout life, push and pull to make you a better human being, and listen to your Bollywood-worthy stories of love, loss and heartbreak. They know your strengths, weaknesses, dreams and fears. You're basically like an open book to them.

So what makes you think they won't use all of that information against you? Because they will and they will be so boss about it that you'll be petrified. Just like this kiddo.


Meet Marja Baker, a woman who is bravely paving the way for mom pranks. So far, her best work involves pulling a prank on her 8-year-old son Ja'Myron.

On the day of Ja'Myron's birthday, Baker called her son in to explain a weird package that arrived by mail.

"What is this? This got your name on it. Have you been ordering something off the Internet? Off the TV?" she says, interrogating her son.

Poor kid tries his best to stay out of trouble, but the tough mom shows no mercy...

Baker tells Ja'Myron to open the package. She's so sneaky!

He's still lost, but then... Ding ding ding!

Watch the full video below.


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