This Photo Of A Mom Who Just Gave Birth Captures The Beauty Of The Process, Diapers And All

"Birth is raw and real and amazing."

Those of us who haven't witnessed childbirth are familiar with the process, but there are many moments from after the delivery that simply aren't discussed as much. 

Thankfully, there are mamas out there who are helping to enlighten us about those moments in between giving birth and losing all the baby weight. 


And they're not afraid to share their own experiences to help do it.

Photographer Melissa Jean Wilbraham captured a photo of her friend Alyce a mere one hour after she gave birth. The simple black and white photo captures the beauty of the process, from the mom's radiant smile to her adult diaper.

The Australia-based photographer uploaded the image to Facebook, where it quickly went viral. 

In an email to A Plus, Wilbraham explained that she took the photo of Alyce when she was being moved from the birthing suite to her room. 

Alyce cheekily flashed open her robe in front of the camera, so Wilbraham snapped the pic. "She felt amazing, she had just given birth to her second son in the water."

The photo has been circulating the Internet thanks to Alyce's joyful expression and her openness. Wilbahram hopes that when people look at the photo, they realize what a spectacular process birth is.

"Birth is raw and real and amazing ... And that the babies are not the only ones wearing [diapers]," said Wilbraham.

Another mom recently went viral for posing in her postpartum diaper while Hilaria Baldwin showed off her body 24 hours after giving birth to her third child. Like the photo of Alyce, these images offer a candid look at post-pregnancy bodies, and show what an amazing journey of childbirth.

(H/T: Netmums)


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