Mom Uses Her EBT Card To Make A Point About Not Judging Others Who Use Food Stamps

"We're all moms out here doing the best we can."

Mom Nicole Marso was at the self-checkout at her local grocery store when she witnessed a person judging a mom-of-three for using food stamps. Marso reports that a woman waiting in the line said loud enough for the people around her to hear, "Of course she's paying with food stamps."


The mom from Centennial, Colo. then took to Facebook to highlight why we shouldn't judge others for using food stamps.

In the post from July 22, Marso holds up her Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card and writes, "I was that mom. I went to self-checkout in hopes no one would see me paying with an EBT card. I avoided checkout lines because what would the cashier think."

She doesn't use her EBT card anymore, but she has kept it even though it's now faded and missing corners. "[I kept it] because I know where I came from," she states. "When I stopped using food stamps, I was so proud. I kept saying 'throw that thing out' but I never did. And today, I know why. It's a constant reminder of where I was."

"Every time I buy groceries and enter my debit card into the stupid chip thing, I remember when I had to swipe my EBT to feed my family."

The mom-of-two wants judgmental people, like the woman in the line, to know that families who use EBT cards ration their monthly allowance.

She concludes, "We're all moms out here doing the best we can. Food stamps fed my kids while I was building a business. Not everyone is here for a handout."

"Remember we aren't all born at the top. Some of us have to build that way."

Other parents are sharing their own stories to further help break down the stigma surrounding food stamps.

"We all come from different aspects, some of us aren't handed things and we have to work for it. So, we do need the help which deep down inside we hate to admit," one commenter wrote. "We wanna be able to afford all the nice things, plus full cabinets and fridges, but like you stated, we all have to start from somewhere."

(H/T: Scary Mommy)


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