A Pill Could Have Landed Her Son In The Hospital. Thankfully, She Taught Him An Important Lesson.

Such an important lesson to teach to kids at a young age.

Mom Milly Smith is encouraging parents to coach their kids not to eat things off the floor from an early age to keep them safe.

In an Instagram post, the Self Love Clubb blogger wrote that she had unknowingly dropped a small pill on the ground. To an unsuspecting child, it might look harmless, but Smith explained that it was actually a Levothyroxine tablet for her thyroid disorder and it's strong enough to put her 3-year-old son Eli in intensive care.

She explains she is "the most careful person in the world" with her medications, but human error is always a factor which is why she didn't notice dropping the single pill.


Thankfully, she had taught Eli to never eat anything off the floor, and to always show her what he finds.

When the 3-year-old saw the pill, Smith reports that "Eli picked [it] up off the kitchen floor and immediately came to me to show me." Had he swallowed it, the situation could have been extremely serious.

She is sharing her story in the hopes that other parents, especially those who use medications, will teach kids not to put things in their mouths they pick up off the floor.

It's an extremely important lesson considering there are medications that can kill children in small doses, or can lead to dangerous side effects such as seizures, difficulty breathing, and coma.

Being careful with medications is critical. A 2013 study in Pediatrics reported that over 70,000 kids in the United States under the age of 18 go to the emergency room each year because of accidental medication exposures and poisonings. 

The figures are set to increase given more medications are being prescribed.

Safe Kids Worldwide reports that 87 percent of emergency department visits for medicine poisoning involve a child getting into medicine that belongs to a family member.

To keep children safe, Safe Kids Worldwide and KidsHealth.org list many medication safety tips. The pointers include keeping medications out of kids' sight and reach, have a poison help number in your phone and in a visible spot in the house, and also being careful about things you might not consider medications like vitamins, drops, and creams.

(H/T: Scary Mommy)


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