This Mom's Moving Story Underscores The Importance Of Organ Donation

A tale for the ages.

When Heather Clark's son Lukas died, he was only seven months old. But the gift he left behind gave a little girl a new life.

Years later, Clark got to listen to his heart beating inside the chest of Phoenix mom Esther Gonzalez's 4-year-old daughter, Jordan Drake.  After Lukas died, Clark donated all his organs. His heart was given to Drake, who had a congenital heart defect that would have killed her without the transplant. 

"I'm very proud of what Lukas did for Jordan," Clark told A Plus. "I see him in her. She has so much energy and life just like Lukas did. Meeting Jordan and her family is the happiest I've been since Lukas died."


 Heather Clark meets Jordan Drake, the recipient of her son's heart, for the first time. Photo: Donate Life Arizona

Drake, who received the transplant when she was 18 months old, connected with Clark through the Donate Life Arizona registry, which boasts 2.7 million members. According to DLA, one organ and tissue donor can save or heal up to 50 lives. More than 123,000 men, women and children are waiting for donations all across the United States.

"Organ donation is an act of complete generosity," Donate Life Arizona told A Plus in a statement. "Last year, organ donation saved the lives of more than 30,000 people across the country, and we hope these mothers' stories inspire others to make that most selfless decision to share life."

If you're interested in becoming a donor, you can go here to learn more.

Watch this video of Clark meeting Drake for the first time:


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