Mom Gives Her Newborn A Makeover With A Makeup App. The Result Is One Fabulous Baby

A born diva.

Fiona is the mother of this adorable baby named Gabriel.


Gabriel is seven weeks old. But that's no excuse not to look fabulous. 

So Fiona used YouCam Makeup app to digitally edit makeup onto pictures of his face. 

According to YouCam's website, the app is meant for adults to test different makeup looks without having to actually apply anything to their actual faces.  It works by using smart facial detection technology to make "cosmetic style overlays on portraits true-to-life."

But when the app is used on a newborn baby, the result is part fabulous, part terrifyingly creepy. 

Yup, it's fabulously terrifyingly creepy. 

Just look how a subtle splash of color really brings out Gabriel's eyes.

For a more dramatic look, just add eyeliner. It's truly glorious.

Don't worry, nothing was ever actually applied to Gabriel's face to make him look like a young Liza Minnelli...

...or a young Dolly Parton.

Before and after.

Here's Gabriel getting some beauty sleep.

Check out those luscious locks.

But of course, the digital makeup is all in good fun, because Gabriel is perfect as he is. Just look at this picture of him with his mom. Now everyone say "Awwwwww."

(H/T: ViralNova and Reddit user UnicornReality)

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