This Mom Took These Beautiful Photos Of Her Own Labor. The Results Are Filled With Love And Emotion.

"I have these photos to look back on and show Anora when she gets older."

There are so many touching birth photos, but one perspective we rarely see in these images is that of the mother's.  But California-based photographer, Lisa Robinson-Ward, has given us a unique view into what the birthing process is like from the eyes of the woman experiencing it. 


She did this by deciding to capture her own labor and the birth of her second child, Anora.

Robinson-Ward told A Plus she normally photographs weddings, and she had never actually captured a birth before, but it was a thrilling experience. 

"I've never shot a birth! I mainly shoot weddings which are pretty structured and planned and there is a lot of pressure to get those shots perfect," she said. "For the birth, we just kind of went with it. I was able to have the experience and capture it at the same time."

Robinson-Ward posted the series of images on her website, and they provide us with an intimate glimpse of what a birth is like for a mother. 

Of course, one of the main things that people want to know is how Robinson-Ward managed the pain and the photographing. When asked by A Plus if she thought photographing Anora's birth helped distract her from the pain, Robinson-Ward stated, "I had an epidural and a great anesthesiologist, but I do think that it really helped me to focus more, and, in turn, probably helped manage the pain leading up to it."

"I was so happy that I was finally going to meet my daughter, I had great pain management so I was really just amazed that everything came together enough for me to able to photograph the birth. I didn't know if things were coming out well or in focus until afterwards."

Robinson-Ward also made the photos a family affair. Her husband, Alec Ward, shot the photos before Anora was born, while Robinson-Ward's mother, Natalie Boyer, snapped the photos following the birth.

Overall, Robinson-Ward is pleased with shooting her labor, "I'm really happy with the experience. I have these photos to look back on and show Anora when she gets older." 

Out of all the photos in the series, she says that one of the standout photos for her is the one that captures her husband's expression when he sees their daughter for the first time. The shot is full of emotion.

Robinson-Ward's photos are undoubtedly very special to her and her family. They capture a unique perspective that one can usually only recall from memories. Like Robinson-Ward stated, her daughter will be able to look back at these photos as she grows older and see the pure love and joy from each moment of her being born.

(H/T: Huffington Post)


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