Mom Makes Fun Of Her Daughter's Temper Tantrum By Perfectly Lip-Syncing It

Parenting done right.

There are a variety of parenting approaches to handling a late night temper tantrum. You can stay chill, stand your ground, or talk it through and offer a possible decision.

OR... You can take a more creative approach, just like this mom did.

Jennifer Closson Aprea, founder of a patent-pending cloth diaper splatter shield Spray Pal and a mother of two, recently faced her 4-year-old daughter having a major meltdown just before bedtime.

But instead of dealing with her little princess' screaming the usual way, Aprea embraced her quirky side and lip-synced the entire drama. Perfectly.


Aprea told BuzzFeed that, although she'd never tried it before, by the end of the video, she and her daughter were having a lot of fun. According to other parents who commented on Closson's video, it's actually not a bad way to "stop the whining and lighten up the mood."

The impressive part is how she manages to accurately capture her daughter's screams and shouts, but Jennifer says it kind of becomes natural to every parent after having experienced a few tantrums.

Watch the hilarious video below.

(H/T: BuzzFeed)

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