Pole Dancing Mom Shows The World How To Turn Life's Lemons Into Apples

She's got serious skills.

When Lisa Eagleton, also known as Lady Lush Lisa, lost her leg in a 2007 car crash, she thought she could only do so much.  

"I had lost my life as it was. I thought I had to accept my limitations. I was told I would never be as I was before my accident. Everyone was telling me what I couldn't do, what I no-longer was. I was depressed and in pain," she told the Mirror. But that all changed when she picked up a new hobby: pole dancing.

Eagleton became the first below the knee pole dancer, the Mirror reports.

She got her start by getting offered to model for photos after the accident, which led her to her dancing career. Teachers at Pole Seduction, a pole dancing and fitness school in Engalnd, showed her the ropes - er- pole and she took off with it.


Though the pole dancing stereotype in the U.S. reverts to strip clubs, the art of pole dancing as just that, dance, is becoming more popular. There are competitions and federations to belong to just like in any sport. Not to mention the athletic ability and skills required.
For Lady Lush, that wasn't a problem. "Strength comes through perseverance," she wrote on her Facebook page.

Indeed, it does.

(H/T: The Mighty)


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