Mom Leaves A Hilarious Set Of Notes For Adult Son Who's Housesitting While She's Gone

'Don't lock that door. YOU MAY NEVER ESCAPE!!!!'

It ain't easy being a parent. 

Not only do you have to make sure that fragile human being you brought into this cruel world is healthy, nourished and safe from any danger, you have to do it for the rest of your life. Are they annoying? Still gotta do it. Do they even appreciate it? Still gotta do it. Are they old enough to handle problems on their own? Nope, still counts.

So after living like this for awhile, it's almost impossible to keep the levels of paranoia low. In other words, it's pretty hard to not become overprotective. 

But hey, even if you do, there are ways to handle it with grace. Like this mom did.


When Figen Murray and her husband decided to leave for vacation in Turkey, they knew they could trust their son Martyn to take care of the house.

Martyn Hett (on the right), a 27-year-old professional working in public relations, greeted the opportunity with open arms.

But little did Martyn know that his mother had a different idea of how difficult housesitting could be. So she left him some helpful tips.

According to Hett, he scavenger-hunted 13 Post-It notes placed around the house with various instructions on how to take care of things until the parents returned. While some of them sounded pretty mundane, others were a little bit baffling to say the least. 

Hett thinks the reason for all of these notes comes from the fact he used to throw a lot of parties as a teenager.

Hett was so amused by his mom's trickery, he had to post some of the notes on Facebook. Let's see what each of them said ...

So the first ones were pretty low-key, about usual stuff such as taking the trash out and paying the window cleaner.

Note on the left: "Bins. Next Monday evening at 2 pm or so could you please take the bins out. Next door will bring them back in. Green + black only."

Note on the right: "Hi Martyn. Window cleaner will come for his money. Here is £15."

Then they moved on to warn Martyn of the dangerous (and delicate) things in the house that will require some extra attention.

Note on the left: "Drier. When you use it make sure you empty the water and fluff filter after every use otherwise it's a fire hazard."

Note on the right: "Plants don't need watering 'til Saturday. Big plant in corner only needs half a jug. Watering can near sink."

But only when Martyn got to the top row of all eight notes did it become clear his mom was not messing around. Special instructions on how to deal with furniture, alcohol, the cat and long-distance calls were provided.

Note on the left: "Outside furniture. [unreadable] Please do not ever leave them outside to get wet."

Note in the middle: "Help yourself to my food. Wine okay to have but please stay away from whiskey (I know you don't drink it but your mates may do)."

Note on the right: "Balcony door in your bedroom. Be careful with the cat. Stay in touch: email, What's Up, FaceTime."

However, everyone agreed that this note was the absolute winner: 'Top floor toilet. Don't do a 'number two' as it does not flush well. Also, don't lock that door. YOU MAY NEVER ESCAPE!!!!'


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