Florida Mom Is Getting Halloween Costumes To Kids Impacted By Hurricane Irma

"They are hoping to bring a sense of normalcy to the community."

When Hurricane Irma hit the Florida Keys in September 2017, it left behind tremendous destruction. After Irma, the Miami Herald estimated that 10,000 to 15,000 homes were destroyed or uninhabitable. This left many people displaced without shelter or their belongings.

We've heard incredible stories of human kindness with many people helping to raise funds and donations for those impacted by Hurricane Irma, Harvey, and Maria. One person helping out in the Florida Keys is mom Krystal Langley. The mom lives in Coconut Creek, Florida, but was raised in Marathon, an area that was hit very hard by Irma.

After the natural disaster, she started the MM50 Relief Project (Mile Marker 50 Relief Project), which features volunteers who graduated from the Marathon High School in Florida. They've been collecting much-needed supplies for those impacted, including paper towels, feminine hygiene products, diapers, dog food, snacks, and more.


With Halloween coming up, MM5 is also helping to collect costumes for kids who might not be able to buy or make one like they normally would.

In one Facebook post, the MM5 Relief Project explains, "Trick or Treat? An elementary school in the Keys, Stanley Switlick, is in need of new or gently used Halloween costumes for their upcoming festival on October 22nd. They are hoping to bring a sense of normalcy to the community by hosting the festival despite the difficulties they are facing. Items can be dropped off or mailed to 591 64th Street in Marathon."

HuffPost reports that Langley is coordinating the event with fellow Florida mom, Ashley Keeney. Keeney is the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) president of Stanley Switlik Elementary School and wrote on Target's Facebook page requesting candy or game donations for the event. Langley saw the post and wanted to get involved with the festival.

Langley said, "She and I both agreed that it was so important because these kids have been through so much and they really need some sense of normalcy.”

Currently, Langley's garage is half full of Halloween costume donations. What's more, other relief products want to get involved by donating candy and other items.

While the MM5 Relief Project is currently focused on helping those impacted by Hurricane Irma, Langley reveals that she hopes it will go on much longer. She hopes the program will continue to help those impacted by other unexpected situations and the aid will reach beyond the Florida Keys.

(H/T: Romper)


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