Why We Need To Stop Labeling Dads As 'Incompetent'

"I'm rooting for all parents."

When it comes to parenting, people often expect moms to be exceptional in every area, but when dads do the bare minimum, like watch the kids for an afternoon while their partner's away, they get praised for being "amazing babysitters." Perhaps the reason dads are overly praised for fulfilling their everyday duties is because they are often seen as "incompetent" to begin with.  

This needs to change, and mom Kristina Kuzmic wants the change to happen now.

In a Facebook post from June 14 she explains why she refuses to make videos poking fun at dads (as well as moms), and why it's wrong to label fathers as incompetent. 


"I’m rooting for all parents," she writes.

Kuzmic writes that she doesn't believe mocking people will make them be better parents. What's more, she says that as a mother of sons, she would never want to create content that would make them think they're less capable than women at being parents.

She concludes by saying that no parent is perfect and highlights what would happen if the situation were reversed. "If men talked about moms the way women talk about dads, it would be considered completely unacceptable."

"So, let's make it unacceptable to label an entire gender as inadequate."

The post has sparked a lot of discussion with over 800 comments from moms and dads in less than week.

One stay-at-home-dad of three thanked Kuzmic and commented, "I gave up a great career to allow my wife the opportunity to pursue her personal and career goals and have been doing this now for 14 years. Many people still are not willing to accept that a dad can be a caregiver, an effective and fully engaged parent, and a supportive partner, and it has been eye opening to experience the shunning, criticism and freely offered parenting 'advice' from many women."

Another commenter highlighted how big the issue is, "Advertisers, TV, and society as a whole has dumbed down the role a father plays in a family unit. It’s not easy being any kind of parent."

A doula also shared her thoughts about the importance of involving the entire family. "In [my] role I feel it's important to use language that includes dads and the entire family," she wrote. "Because I don't just support mom — I support the entire family. They are important too, and need to feel supported and empowered."

(H/T: Scary Mommy)


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