Mom's Warning About Pacifiers Helps Bring Awareness To A Common Injury

"I immediately thought chemical burn ... "

Sometimes even the most seemingly harmless baby products can be dangerous if used by a child unmonitored. Recently, one mom named Kristen Milhone shared a Facebook post about how she and her child learned this the hard way when it came to pacifiers. 

On June 20, the Lowell, Minn mom wrote about waking  up to find her son, Jack, with "a quarter sized, reddened, raised, and blistered spot" on the side of his head. She immediately thought it was a chemical burn. Milhone explains that she worried that something could have been in her son's co-sleeper, but she knew it was just him and his Avent Soothie Pacifier.


After going to the doctor, they determined that the mark was actually suction burn from his pacifier.

"The diameter of the wound and the pacifier indentation were an exact match!" she wrote. The doctor and mom determined that Jack likely rolled over the pacifier while he was sleeping, and this must have created a suction effect between his left temple and the back of the pacifier.

Milhone said she'll no longer be using the product and wanted to share the story to make other parents aware that this kind of injury may be more common than they think. 

Time reported that a study in the Pediatrics journal found that between 1991 and 2010 approximately 45,000 kids under age 3 were treated in emergency rooms because of pacifiers.  Over 71 percent of the injuries were mouth-related and often brought on by falls. 

Sharing stories such as these helps parents to be cautious about things they might not intuit to be dangerous. Just two weeks ago, for example, a mom named Heather Clare posted a PSA about the dangers of going down slides with kids at the park. We can never have enough parenting safety tips. After all, it take a village. 

(H/T: Popsugar)

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