Her Son Wouldn't Cuddle Anymore, So This Mom Knitted A New One

This mother really wants a hug.

Marieke Voorsluijs loved to spend her free time cuddling with her sons. However, her eldest son no longer found it "cool" to cuddle with his mother anymore.

"My son is reaching puberty," Voorsluijs wrote to Bored Panda. "We used to cuddle all the time, but those days are becoming scarce. Now he rather hangs with friends, plays with his phone and listens to his iPod."

Desperate to cuddle with her older son again, this mother from the Netherlands needed to take action. Voorsluijs is also a textile designer who knits, crochets and embroiders. Some of her past projects include knitted food, plants and furniture that looked completely realistic.

This design mother fantasized and developed an idea to use her skill set so that she can cuddle with her son again.


That’s why she knitted herself a new son.

Voorsluijs told Mashable that the new, knitted son is a "tribute to puberty and her sons."

The knitted son looks completely lifelike.

Voorsluijs knitted pants, a shirt, shoes, a hat and even headphones for her fictional child. And since there's no stuffing inside, it's wearable.

"Actually the knitted son has characteristics of both my sons," Voorsluijs wrote to Bored Panda. "The other one had just grown so much during the process that the smaller one was only able to wear it when it was finished."

And what does her eldest son think about his knitted brother?

The son apparently thinks it's hilarious and enjoys it.

"My two sons loved the project and helped with the making of the cap and, of course, posing," Voorsluijs wrote to Bored Panda.

Hopefully the process of making a knitted son together brought Voorsluijs closer to her son again, with or without cuddling.

(H/T: Mashable)


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