Little Boy With Autism, Who Loves Dishwashers, Got A Big Surprise At Ruby Tuesday

" ... It’s little things like this that just make ya feel good."

Everyone has something special they love. Sometimes, it's an animal, a favorite color, or a specific type of dessert. Slade, a boy with high functioning autism, loves dishwashers. When he and his family went for a meal at Ruby Tuesday recently, he got a special chance to see the restaurant-sized dishwasher. 

His stepmom Katie Elizabeth Denton shared an emotional Facebook post explaining how the kind staff at the restaurant helped make Slade's day. She recounts how the restaurant's manager, Ashley, was talking to her mom when Slade began asking Ashley about the restaurant's dishwasher. He then preceded to tell the manager about his favorite types of dishwashers. 

When Ashley left, Slade asked his dad, Matt Denton, if he could see the dishwasher in the back of the restaurant, but he said they would have to wait until they got home to see the dishwasher because only restaurant staff are allowed in the back.

Denton then thought that she would ask Ashley if Slade could see the dishwasher. When she walked over to her, Denton got a surprise when Ashley revealed that she already had something in the works.


Ashley said, "I'm already planning on bringing him in the back and letting him run some dishes through the dishwasher."

At this point, Denton became emotional. She wrote, "I almost fell to my knees. I started sobbing. I couldn't believe that this sweet, young lady who didn't know our family, would go out of her way to let Slade look at something as simple as the dishwasher. I was floored. Speechless."

When she returned to the table and told Slade about his upcoming surprise, he was overjoyed. The mom wrote he began to bounce up and down and shout that he was excited. A bit later, Ashley came over and brought Slade to see the restaurant's dishwasher. Denton posted a video of Slade in the back happily washing dishes while, wearing an apron, as the staff cheered him on.

Denton ended her post by thanking Ashley and the rest of the staff at Ruby Tuesday. She said, "You have absolutely no idea how special of a treat this was and how much we appreciate you. We can't thank you enough. You guys are ROCKSTARS and you made our boy's day ..."

"... It’s little things like this that just make ya feel good."

(H/T: Popsugar)


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