This Mom Shaved Her Hair To Help Her Little Girl Cope With Brain Surgery

A simple hair change has so much meaning.

When people are coping with an illness, they often try to hang onto things that make them feel like themselves. Sometimes, these are little things like what they wear or a hairstyle. 

For Faith, a little girl who needed brain surgery because of a tumor pushing on her optic nerve and damaging her pituitary gland, losing a part of her hair for the surgery was one of the hard parts. 

When her mother, Jamie Dawn Beckstead, saw that Faith was feeling down about the doctors having to remove part of her hair, she decided to do something to make her daughter feel a little better.


Beckstead went home and shaved part of her hair to match Faith's.

No child likes feeling different from anyone else. They want to see someone else like them to know that they aren't alone. When Beckstead shaved her head, she showed her daughter that they are both the same, and that they are going to get through this together.

(H/T: Popsugar)


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