Mom Issues A Prank Invoice To Teach Her Son A Valuable Lesson

But mom!

Being self-sufficient enough to put oneself through school and lead a wholesome adult life is a fantasy so surreal, most American kids would rather dream about going to space. 

At best, they can scrape up enough money to buy school supplies and a casual can of Red Bull, leaving the rest of the bills to be covered by student loans or "mom and dad bank."

But while every parent wants the best for their children, there's a certain threshold of kindness that one shouldn't cross. Otherwise, they might end up in Reddit user Chalipo's shoes.


Apparently, his mother was pretty fed up with her 23-year-old son crashing on her couch for 13 months. So she issued an invoice for the year's worth of services.

The invoice details Chalipo's debt to things like "1/5 share of gas bill," Internet and cable bills, food, cleaning and vacuuming services performed by his mom. It also includes the $23,550 CAD tuition for five years of education.

However, the real win of this document is the part where Chalipo is charged $1,000 CAD for "being an asshole and not appreciative of mother's support financially or otherwise."

This mom must've really felt like she's being taken for granted.

Chalipo's post on Reddit has been greeted by various reactions — some saluted his mother's parenting skills, while others criticized them both for having a "bastardized relationship."

Both mother and son have stated their case in the comment section proving this was not only light-hearted, but a rather effective approach.

"This was a very effective parenting technique and it has helped me to realize what an entitled little shit I have been. My grandparents charged my mom interest on her school tuition. I am very appreciative and grateful that she didn't include any interest," Chalipo writes.

His mom used the opportunity to express gratitude towards her son's decision to admit his mistakes publicly:

"Proud of you son. You could have reacted in many ways. Instead, you preferred to make an example of yourself. That shows incredible integrity at any age," she writes under the witty nickname momknowsbest64.

So, you know, maybe next time don't treat your parents like an ATM machine and be grateful for their efforts.


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