Woman's College Son Doesn't Call Her For 3 Weeks, So She Responded In The Perfect Way

"Remember me? I'm your mommy!"

College freshman Liam McCarney needs to call his mom more and he learned the hard (or hilarious) way this week after a video his mother made for him went viral. 

After Ann Pinto McCarney dropped off her son at school, she expected he'd be busy, but she didn't expect radio silence for three weeks. To let him know she still existed, the Pennsylvania mom made a hilarious video for him earlier this week, riddled with sarcasm and which has gotten more than 11,000 shares

"Well guess it's safe to say that Liam McCarney is well adjusted at college!" she wrote in the initial video post. "That being said a Mammas gotta call him out!"

Call out would be an understatement. 


First, she reminded him of who she was.

In case he had forgotten, she gave him a few reminders ...

Then, she taught him how to use a phone. Because why else wouldn't he call if he remembered who she was?

"Now I know I'm going to here from you!" she says. "Can't wait to hear your voice because I forgot what it sounds like ... (whispers) pain in my *ss."

We have a feeling Liam will be calling home a lot more from now on. 

Watch the full and epic video below!


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