Creative Mom Hacks IKEA To Make A Super-Sized Bed That Fits All 7 Family Members


Many studies have shown that spending quality time with family has an overall positive impact on both, parents and kids. It helps to deepen the connection, form traditions and learn more about love and sensitivity towards one another. Not to mention it's fun!

But in today's fast-paced world it's not always easy to find a minute to spare. That's why we think this mom's creative solution is close to being genius!

One fine day, Dallas-based photographer, creator of Wandering the World Below blog and mother of five little munchkins, Elizabeth Boyce, decided she had had enough with the constant battle of putting kids to bed only to have them crawling back into hers in the middle of the night, waking up herself and her husband Thomas.

So she used her imagination (and IKEA) to create this:


...A super-sized bed that fits all seven family members at once.

Elizabeth Boyce | Wandering the World Below

"They say necessity is the mother of invention! We had the loft beds already, but they weren't being used since the kids were sleeping on our floor. So we tried fitting them all in the same room and making it look like one bed," Elizabeth told A Plus.

The result was magnificent.

In the photo below you can see how the bed is smartly divided into 10 sections: On the right side of the bed sleeps Boyce's oldest kids, Izzy and Zach. Right side is for Ben, 7, and Owen, 3. The newest member of Boyce family, 1-year-old Elijah, sleeps in the middle with mom and dad.

The huge family bed also fits two nightstands and a shelf for cups, phones and other tiny things.

Elizabeth Boyce | Wandering the World Below

After Elizabeth posted her creation on Facebook, the nifty bed struck a chord with thousands of parents everywhere. 

Upon popular request, Elizabeth shared a detailed tutorial on how to make such a family bed yourself. Below is a sketch of what you'll need, and you can find the instructions by visiting the Boyce family blog over here.

Elizabeth Boyce | Wandering the World Below

However, not everyone on the Internet approved of Boyce's new co-sleeping approach.

According to a 2013 survey, as much as 13 percent of infants share bed with parents. But despite the growing trend, co-sleeping or sleep-sharing is still considered controversial by many Americans. 

Reasons mainly focus on the scare of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) or other sleep-related causes, like suffocation.

But Elizabeth believes that as long as its done safely and complies with the family's needs, there's nothing wrong or weird about it:

"Tom is disabled and in and out of the hospital, my work schedule can be erratic, and our kids just sleep better when they are all in the same space. So I would say that in our world, everyone has thought it was a great and creative solution," she told A Plus.

"Every family has such unique needs and dynamics. We don’t all have to agree on everything," Elizabeth says.

Elizabeth Boyce | Wandering the World Below

"The most important thing is that we stay open and flexible, both in our parenting and in our interactions with others in person and online."

Elizabeth Boyce | Wandering the World Below

Learn more about Boyce family bed by reading Elizabeth's Q&A where she answers the most important questions everyone is dying to know. (Like, "How in the world do you have sex?!")

(H/T: Wandering the World Below | SheKnows)


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