Mom Finds 8-Year-Old's Adorably Wholesome Sleepover Party Plans

"In the morning, we have eggs, bacon, and toast — oh my!"

We completely forgot how truly exciting it was to have a sleepover with your best friends when you were a kid — until this precious 8-year-old reminded us. 

Redditor favorite_hoodie shared her younger brother's meticulously planned out sleepover party which included three movies, board games, and time in the hot tub. The 8-year-old also made sure to plan proper meals for his three guests, such as hot dogs and angel food cake for dessert. "In the morning, we have eggs, bacon, and toast — oh my!" he wrote. 


"Mom caught my little brother planning a party..." favorite_hoodie wrote on Reddit with a photo of her younger brother's party planning list. 

People on Reddit found the young boy's organizational efforts to be adorable and well thought out. In just four days, the thread has over 500 comments. 

"He's the most adorable, and absolutely hilarious," his sister told fellow Redditors. "Youngest of five, he knows how to hold his own in the family!"

In case you're wondering, the 8-year-old was allowed to have his sleepover party after his mom found the agenda. "He says, 'it all went according to plan,'" his sister wrote


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