This Mom Breastfed Her Baby While Running A Marathon, Giving New Meaning To The Phrase 'Multitasking Mom'

"I got a lot of cheering and positive reinforcement."

Mom Emily Sabato has given new meaning to the phrase "multitasking mom" when she breastfed her 9-month-old daughter while running a marathon in New York. 

Sabato's partner, Chris Herrmann, shared the story on her Facebook page and the Nationwide Nurse-In Events and Breastfeeding Laws Facebook page. In the post, she explains how the family planned on meeting up during the race and how baby Hadley got to participate in part of it. 


During the race, Hadley latched on and the mom-of-four ran with her daughter for an impressive 10 blocks.

Sabato has run the race three times before, but this was the first time she did it while breastfeeding. It was also the first time she had her newborn twins there for support. 

Sabato told the Huffington Post that she felt bad Hadley's twin, Emerson, didn't get any breast milk during the race, and her arms were starting to shake towards the end, but she was thrilled by all of the positive comments she received about breastfeeding while racing, "I got a lot of cheering and positive reinforcement," she told the publication.

She explained, "Lots of women ― and maybe even some men ― shouted encouraging things. One runner tapped me on the shoulder and said she did the same thing at Mile 8!"

Since the photo was shared on social media, many other commenters are offering their support and writing about how impressed they are, too. One person wrote on Herrmann's Facebook page, "Props to you, mamma! I can barely walk without tripping over my own feet never mind feed my 9-month-old while running."

Another summed it up, "Dang, she is the woman! I couldn't breastfeed siting down or standing. I can't wait to tell my mom about this. Women can do everything."

Sabato's photos not only show a multitasking mama, they also help to normalize public breastfeeding — something that is still considered a taboo act to some. Pictures like hers help to create conversations around the topic, and to show other women that feeding your baby whenever, wherever is no big deal. 


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