After Her Baby Boy Passed Away, This Mom Donated 17,503 Ounces Of Breast Milk In His Honor

"He was worth it. He was worth all of this."

Update: This story has been adjusted to include comments from Demi Frandsen.

Breast milk is something many mothers consider an essential part of a baby's health and development, but not all moms who want to breastfeed are able. These people must bottle feed their children, or get donations, if any are available. 

Mom Demi Frandsen is helping out women who cannot breastfeed with an incredible donation.


Frandsen donated a staggering 17,503 ounces of breastmilk to the milk depot at the Children's Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha.

The story comes in time for World Breastfeeding Week Aug 1-7, and the reason why this mother donated so much milk is truly beautiful. 

The donation was made to honor her late son, Leo, who was born two months premature. He suffered from gastroschisis, a birth defect which left some of his organs exposed. He spent his short life hooked up to tubes in the hospital before passing away at 10 months. 

Frandsen told A Plus via email that breast milk was very important for both of her children, but for Leo especially. "With Leo, there was an added measure of importance because it was truly the only thing that was solely up to me," she said. "The doctors could provide everything he needed, but this was one thing that only I could do for him. And I needed to know that I did everything possible for him."

17,503 ounces is 131 gallons, or as Frandsen says, "a dairy aisle, basically."

Frandsen told WOWT that she wanted to donate her milk to help other children like her son Leo, who are in the hospital and need milk. She said, "He was worth it. He was worth all of this. His life in 10 months was the best 10 months of mine."

Frandesn also told A Plus what she hopes people take away after reading her and Leo's story. "I hope that people are touched by the bravery and the light that Leo possessed. I hope people find strength through their trials by seeing his smiling face as he faced his."

Franden's donation shows that even in moments of great sadness, you can still find joy. Frandsen was able to provide for children and mothers in need using her breast milk, and it is a fitting way to honor her late son.



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