This Blogger Mom's Photo Of Her Casually Breastfeeding At A Black-Tie Wedding Has Won Over Moms Everywhere

Isn't it strange that one of the most natural things among humans is such a source of controversy?

One of the most natural mother-child activities in existence is having a hard time finding its footing against our society's sexualization of female bodies — so much so that breastfeeding has become something of an elicit act that mothers are encouraged to hide. But groups of mothers and activists across the world have pushed back against the idea that breasts are sexual by proudly feeding their babies in public. One of those women is 21-year-old blogger mom Haddas Ancliffe, or Dahsi, whose photo breastfeeding at a black-tie wedding party has won over the hearts of moms everywhere. 

Ancliffe posted the photo of her casually feeding her child, accompanied by the caption: "Just me and my baby having a drink (Gotta do what you gotta do, wedding or not) #normalizebreastfeeding."


The photo has since been "liked" almost 3,000 times and received a torrent of positive feedback. 

As part of an unofficial movement in many developed countries to desexualize women's breasts and protest social media's seeming aversion to female nipples (Instagram, we're looking at you), the hashtags #NormalizeBreastfeeding and #FreeTheNipple have been widely shared by women online. 

And such efforts extend well beyond the convoluted threads of the worldwide web, too. Just last week, for example, mothers in Australia publicly breastfed in a mall en masse in a powerful protest against its breastfeeding policy.


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