Mom Creates Cute Daily Drawings On Her Kids' Lunch Bags

Art for lunch is not a bad idea.

Christy Kilgore, a graphic designer and a mom of two, has found a perfect way to get her kids rallied up for lunch.


Every day, Christy packs their meals into creative lunch bags that she decorates herself.

It takes about an hour to create each of the drawings.

Christy says she usually does them in the evening after the dinner, curled up in front of TV.

These spooky artworks belong to the Halloween edition.

Christy says she uses Prismacolor colored pencils, sharpies and regular old Crayola markers occasionally.

She started drawing on lunch bags about a year ago and thinks of it as a nice way to stay connected to her kids when she's not with them.

Although it might seem like a lot of effort is put into a thing that will eventually turn into trash, Christy's kids like to keep them.

"Most make it home. Some don't. I flat out told them to throw them away but they usually like to save them," Christy says.

Last year her kids even took the lunch bags to school and let their friends pick the ones they liked.

Atta way to enjoy lunch, don't you think?

(H/T: Reddit)

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