This Mom Created A Christmas Card Reminding People That Jesus Was A Middle Eastern Refugee

"This message seemed like the most appropriate religious sentiment for the season."

This Christmas season comes at the close of a turbulent year of political histrionics, of increasingly legitimized bigotry and a widening gap between the seams of the fabric of American society. As a person of faith, Whitney Roberts Logan was particularly dismayed by the anti-immigration and anti-refugee sentiment in this country. So she decided to create a Christmas card that put their suffering in perspective — one with a reminder that read: "This Christmas season we would like to remind everyone that Jesus was a Middle Eastern refugee."

These aren't words typical on a holiday card, but Roberts Logan told A Plus that her goal was to start a conversation. "My hope was that the card would inspire some thoughtfulness about the refugee crisis in Syria... This message seemed like the most appropriate religious sentiment for the season," she said.


Whitney Roberts Logan

Roberts Logan shared the photo on her personal Facebook page, as well as on the pro-Hillary Clinton page Pantsuit Nation, according to Refinery29

Her husband was "very supportive of the message," she said, and her family and friends responded positively to her card. Online, however, Roberts Logan has received mixed reactions. "I read comments filled with both gratitude and anger, support and hate. That was interesting," she added, "I'm still processing it a bit."

But the negative comments aren't deterring Roberts Logan from reminding people "where Jesus came from," she said, particularly in this political climate. 

"Statistics tells us that most Americans identify themselves as Christian. I often wonder what most of these American Christians would do if a homeless Middle Eastern Jewish man showed up on their doorstep preaching about giving away all their possessions to the poor," she said. "Would they welcome him in?"


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