This Mom's Genius Method To Get Her Kids To Do Their Chores Gets All The Likes

"Thank you for playing."

Parenting is tough. You have to navigate tricky, often uncharted territories, and try to come up with the best solutions. Getting your kids eating, sleeping, learning, and hygiene habits right is just the beginning. Then you have to factor in that being a parent in the digital age presents its own unique set of challenges. 


Instead of fighting with technology, one clever mom is using it to her advantage.

She withholds the WiFi password from her kids until they complete their required chores. A photo of the rules sheet was posted on Reddit

What's even better is that the kids have to send her a photo to show they've completed their duties before they can "unlock" the password. Proving she has thought of everything, mom writes that the kids must send the photo with a box of crackers in a specific spot so no one can recycle old photos. 

Clever. Very clever.

She earns extra credit for making it sound like a game or a fun mission with phrases like, "unlock" and "Thank you for playing" in her note.

Parents often have to come up with inventive solutions to household problems when the traditional things just don't work. This mom has come up with a great way to get her kids to do the chores, while also bringing a smile to many other parents' faces. In the case of mom versus the Internet, mom definitely won this round.

(H/T: Mashable)


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