Funny Mom Masterfully Recreates Poses Of Artworks During Museum Trip

"My mom decided it was her time to shine."

Angelique Fullwood recently moved to Washington, DC with the help of her parents. After settling in, she decided to take her family to the Smithsonian American Art Museum. 

"My mom [Angela Fullwood] decided it was her time to shine," she explained on Twitter about the museum trip.


Angelique shared photos of her mom hilariously recreating the poses of the artworks.

Her mom clearly went all out, posing next to sculptures, paintings, photos, of both classical and modern art.

Angela might be wearing the same red T-shirt and jeans in every photo, but she embodied the spirit and mood of each artwork she posed next to. And she never once broke into a smile in the photos. She remained committed to the recreations with expressions to perfectly match each artwork.

The photos quickly went viral. Many Twitter users love Angela's dedication. Others are revealing that they've done similar poses — sometimes at the same museum.

After the response, Angelique followed up that her mom was surprised that she was "trending" although the daughter pointed out her mom "just found out what that meant like two hours ago."

(H/T: Scary Mommy)


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