Mom's Hilarious Facebook Post Highlights The Temptation Of Shopping At Target

"No matter how golden your intentions may be, you will find a cute pair of baby shoes."

Whether people are grocery shopping or shoe shopping, they need a game plan as well as a list to help them shop smart. The need for some guidelines is especially important in stores where the buying temptation is high, such as Target.


That's why one mom named Amy Weatherly shared her tips on Facebook about "how to shop Target and stay on budget."

Anyone who shops at Target who cannot leave the store without an overflowing cart — no matter how hard they try — will relate.

The mom begins by sharing her four steps on how to stay inside your budget. They are:

"1. Make a list of exactly what you need. 
2. Go to Target. 
3. Rip up the list. 
4. Go home because it's just not gonna happen. You know it. I know it. The people of Target are laughing at us all behind their backs because they know it."

And the post gets funnier from there. The mama explains, "No matter how golden your intentions may be, you will find a cute pair of baby shoes and put them on your baby right there in the store, and your son will sneak a toy into the cart."

The next thing you know, you've bought a coordinating sweatsuit just because it's in your team's colors.

The mama continues that the kids will eventually become whiny and hungry, which will lead to them demolishing boxes of cookies while still in the store.

Next up is decorations: "You will find decorations in the dollar section that don't actually cost a dollar and add up to $973,683 before you even know it," Weatherly cautions.

Add a Starbucks drink for a pick-me-up, a $7.99 card, and a necklace for your friend to the mountain in the cart. Before people head to the checkout, Weatherly states they will buy face masks, bath bombs, and Bioré strips "because you can't afford an actual spa day, because you know ... you just spent all your money at Target."

The funny mom ends the post emphasizing her point about ripping up the list, and states that she hopes her Facebook guidelines bring Target lovers and haters together.

Parents are relating and saying that the descriptions are spot on. Some are also saying they have the same budget problems at Walmart and Costco.

It seems that when there's plenty of variety, good deals, and you're shopping with a group, it can be difficult to stay on budget at any store.

(H/T: Popsugar)

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