The Surprising Reason This Texas Mom Revealed A Terrifying Police Encounter On Facebook

"I have never publicly told this story. I tell it to you, today."

In response to two recent police shootings and the national debate they demanded, a mom from Texas shared her own personal experience with a cop who she said unnecessarily injured her.

On Thursday, Molly Suzanna wrote a Facebook post in which she described being pulled over for a rolling stop through a red light when she was 19. Suzanna wrote that when the police officer asked her to sign the traffic ticket, she initially refused. She never could have expected the officer's response.

"He [pulled] me out of the open car window and onto the ground," Suzanna wrote. "He kicked me in the ribs. He fractured my wrist cuffing me and picking me up by the link between the cuffs. He held his boot to the back of my head with my face on loose gravel, leaving what would later become scars. He bounced my head off the side of the car when he was putting me in, all while laughing."

According to Suzanna, she was charged with resisting arrest and strapped to a chair in jail, and she did not receive telephone access for 12 hours. She said that the police also charged her with possession of a joint they found in the police car, but Suzanna fought the charges. She was lucky — she said her family was able to afford a top-notch lawyer.


Suzanna said in the post that the police lost and then recovered the video of her arrest, leading to a not guilty verdict for the cannabis charge and the prosecution's withdrawal of the resisting arrest charge.

A Plus is still working to confirm Suzanna's story, but the Facebook post included an important message worth highlighting.

Despite her treatment, despite everything she was put through, Suzanna was still lucky, she said.

"If I were a black man, I would be dead," she wrote. "Pretty white girls don't get shot during wrongful arrests. Not any that I know of, and certainly not me."

As reported by The Washington Post, African Americans are 2.5 times more likely to be fatally shot by cops than white Americans are.

"You can't deny white privilege and what it affords you," she wrote. "To deny it is to acknowledge it exists, that you are privy to it. You don't see it because it exists for you."

Her Facebook post, which includes the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, received over 59,000 likes as of Monday.

A Plus reached out to Suzanna for a comment.

(H/T: Mic)


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