This Guy Is The Best Public Speaker In The World — Officially


Meet Mohammed Qahtani.


This guy is the best public speaker in the world. And we're not saying it in the way our parents do when they call us "the world's most talented" (thanks though, mom). 

Qahtani's title is, in fact, official. 

He got this prestigious title after beating 33,0000 contestants at the annual Toastamasters convention, aka the World Championship of Public Speaking, which took place in Last Vegas in August. There are world championships for all sorts of things — be it sailing or chili eating. So the fact that there's one for public speaking should come as no surprise, really.

In the video below, Qahtani delivers his winning speech, titled "The Power of Words," and we're captivated throughout the entire thing. Think your favorite TED Talk meets Thank You for Smoking and voilà, officially the best public speech in the world.

We'll surely be picking our words way more carefully after watching this one.

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(H/T: Konbini)


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