13 Hilariously Modern Updates To Classic Christmas Carols

"Bae, it's cold outside."

It's time that we were honest with our harmony-happy holiday season selves: things have changed since a lot of Christmas songs were written. 

No one's "roasting chestnuts on an open fire" anymore. But "watching Netflix on a Kindle Fire"? That's a Christmas possibility. 

To that point, people have been tweeting classic carols re-imagined for the modern age with the hashtag #modernxmascarols.

Check out the most festive (and high tech) suggestions below.


1. "I Saw Mommy Snapchatting Santa Claus"

via Delia

2. "'Put Your Phone On Silent' Night"

3. "Grandma Got Run Over By An Uber"

4. "Little Tumblr Boy"

5. "Let It Yo, Let It Yo, Let It Yo"

6. "We three kings have lost GPS signal."

7. "Deck the LOLZ"

8. "Bye Felicia Navidad"

9. "Bae, it's cold outside."

10. "O Tinder Swipe"

11. "Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, oh what fun it is to sit and watch Netflix all day."

12. "I'm dreaming of a Vine Christmas"

And our personal favorite...

13. "He's making a listicle, he's checking it twice."

via Jonathan Ellis.

(H/T: Mashable)

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