What Does It Mean To Be A Lady In 2015?

It might not be a cakewalk, but it's not rocket science either.

A true modern lady...


1. Is independent and self-possessed.

Self-confidence is the first and foremost trait of a true modern lady. She is focused on her goals, embraces her fears and makes the best out of every opportunity.

2. Doesn't mind getting her hands dirty.

A modern lady is not a fragile porcelain doll whose only exertion is lifting a tea cup to her lips. She can do stuff for herself, and I mean serious stuff: change a tire, unclog a drain, mow the lawn... You name it! 

3. Is curious and open-minded.

A modern lady explores things beyond her comfort zone and accepts challenges and different way of thinking. She has stories to tell and things to learn.

4. Is comfortable with her own sexuality.

We've come a long way from the Virgin Mary. A modern lady understands that sexuality is a part of being human, and that her choices are hers to make. Being aware of your needs, likes and dislikes, sexual health, etc. is important, if not crucial.

5. Is "kitchen-smart."

No, you don't need to be the modern Julia Child. A modern lady has a lot on her plate, but always eating takeout shouldn't be one of the things. Take a spin around the kitchen and try to master at least one dish that's a little bit harder to make. Call it your "special" and cook it whenever your family or friends come for dinner.

6. Has a good sense of humor.

I'm not expecting you to be as witty as Jenny Slate, but try and have one good joke up your sleeve. Just like with the cooking, call it your "special." Don't be afraid to make fun of yourself and don't take it too seriously when others do.

7. Is proactive.

A modern lady doesn't settle easily. "Good enough" is not in her vocabulary. She isn't afraid to take risks, or to step up and make a change. She also chooses her battles wisely.

8. Knows how to accept a compliment, and how to give one.

Accepting a compliment is harder than it seems, but you probably already know that. Sometimes people feel pressure to brush them off instead of just saying "thank you" and owning it. Giving compliments should be part of a modern lady's daily routine. Make them simple but sincere and you'll realize that making other people smile will make you smile too.

9. Is considerate of others, not vain.

I'm not saying a lady should cater for everyone's needs except her own. However, when you're dealing with other people (friends, family, strangers, whatever), be considerate. Listen to others, accept apologies, be punctual, etc.

10. Stays careful with her online presence. (But knows how to snap the perfect selfie.)

Being a lady in real life doesn't mean it's a good idea to be careless on the web. Those nude pics you just sent your Tinder match might not be so fun if they resurface years later without your consent. A true modern lady knows that her activity online is yet another mirror, but for a much bigger audience.

11. Wears the clothes that work for her.

Sure, it would be nice to have Carrie Bradshaw's closet full of tutus, feather boas, and Manolo Blahniks. Truth is, a modern lady doesn't need a myriad of clothes. She has an eye for what's trendy and what works for her, and always looks ***flawless as a result.

12. Doesn't swear, gossip or disparage others.

It's bad and you know it.

13. Handles her alcohol.

I'm not saying a modern lady has to shy away from a glass of wine or some tequila shots. But knowing where to stop is a good trait, if only so you get home safe.

14. Knows how to disarm rude comments and jokes.

A modern lady is not afraid to speak her mind or start an argument. However, she does it with class and doesn't descend to the level of her opponent if she or he is being rude and obnoxious. Humor and wit are often the answer, ladies.

15. Feels good in her own skin.

In today's world, it's much more about who you feel as a person than some assigned values. Same applies to being a lady. Accepting yourself and feeling comfortable in your own skin is what makes all the difference. Do it for you, not for the show.

"Power is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't," — Margaret Thatcher.

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