13 Awesome Dads Who Show There's No Such Thing As 'Mom Duties'

Bring on the baking, braids, and Barbies.

The cooking, cleaning, and chores aren't solely mom's responsibilities. And neither are the dance lessons, school hairstyles, and craft projects. Likewise, teaching a kid to throw a football, or barbecuing for birthday parties aren't just "dad duties."   

Today's fathers are game to get involved with everything. They're as down to bake goodies as they are to play ball. If they're lacking a skill, such as styling hair, they might even take a course to improve themselves, like this single father did. Dads are cool enough that they will even let their little ones paint their nails.

In honor of Father's Day, take a look at photos of awesome dads who prove there is no such thing as "mom" duties:


1. This girl asks her dad every Saturday morning to paint her nails. He happily agrees.

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2. Dads like to indulge in tea time, too.

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3. These papas know you cannot go to the park without a funky hairdo.

4. This father has no problem with picking up the cupcakes and tampons.

This is a good father.

5. Hair washing is just as important as hairstyling.

6. Celebrity dads are also showing gender rules are outdated. Freddie Prinze Jr. helped his 5-year-old daughter, Charlotte, cook.

7. This father has multitasking down.

8. This dad knows a bit about clean ballet lines.

9. Dwayne Johnson is game to get on bottle feeding duty.

10. This dad knows that a trip to Claire's makes everyone very happy.

11. This proud papa is enjoying some cuddle time while waiting for his muffins to bake.

12. Forget about just playing with dolls, David Beckham also makes clothes for them.

13. This dad is helping his little one perfect her cookie-making skills.


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