Models Reveal Their Faces Without Makeup And Talk About How Insecurities Can Be Turned Into Strengths

"You just have to remember that everyone's different."

Five models, of all different ages and from all around the world, admit that there's more to beauty than what meets the eye.

"People don't realize that there is a huge team behind that picture," Vasilisa Pavlova, 22, of Russia says in a new Buzzfeed video

In the video, the models discuss the various insecurities and misconceptions they've dealt with through their experiences in the industry. But they have one beautiful thing in common: they've turned their insecurities into strengths. 


Britt Maren, a model from the United States, talks about what it's like being compared to others. 

"Especially this day in age with social media being the way it is, a lot of girls get skinny-shamed," Maren says in the video. "You just have to remember that everyone's different."

Later, Maren recites one of her favorite quotes and relates it to her own life: "Comparison is the thief of joy." 

"And it's very true. It's really easy to get down on yourself," Maren says. "Over time you kind of just learn to roll with the punches more..."

"...But I think you have to embrace who you are and what you bring to the table because I think that will ultimately make you a more successful and happier model and person."

Throughout the video, the women also explain what they've learned to love about themselves. All the while, the video plays in reverse — starting with full faces of makeup and rewinding back through the makeup artist's work until the models' faces are bare again.

Maria Borges, 22, says that her experiences have taught her to embrace her natural hair. Now, she knows that "every kind of hair can be beautiful," including her own.

Moreover, Anja Cihoric, a bold-browed brunette, says she was made fun of for her eyebrows when she was younger. But now that the look is trending in the industry (think Cara Delevigne and Hilary Rhonda), Cihoric's eyebrows are a coveted trait. 

And for Pavlova, it's her height she's learned to appreciate. "When I want to feel sexy, [I put on] high heels. I don't care what everybody thinks," she says powerfully.   

And in keeping with the theme of the video, we think Borges sums it up perfectly: "It's not makeup [that] makes you look beautiful, but [it's] what is inside."

Be sure to watch the full video below:


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