5 Important Lessons From Models Who Took A Major Hair Risk And Loved It

"Different is good."

Have you ever taken a major hair risk?

From cutting off our hair to dying it a completely different color, taking a major hair risk can be a scary task. But in a video from Allure magazine, three models talk about why taking a leap of faith with your hair is actually one of the best things you can do for your confidence.

Not to mention that freeing yourself from your old hair and ignoring outsiders' opinions can be a freeing, empowering experience that may even lead to self-discovery, too.

Here are five important points from the Allure video, featuring models Peyton Knight, Katie Moore, and Lorena — all of whom have gone through some incredible hair transformations over the years. 


Katie Moore: "It's funny, when I go home to Texas, people are like, 'Whoa, that's different.' But I'm like, different is good."

"I always thought beauty was all about your outer looks. But [changing my hair] made me really take a look inside ... I don't think anybody has to be one thing."

"It's just hair. Don't be afraid to change it because it's just hair and it's gonna grow back. Just do it ... It's going to be OK. I promise — it will change your life."

Lorena: "After I cut it, I don't care. I just wash my hair, let it dry naturally, I don't style it. It's more relaxed."

Peyton Knight: "I think more people should honestly cut their hair off or try more drastic things at least once in their life, because it can make you see yourself in a different light, and it kind of helps you discover who you truly are, at the base of it, through all that change.

For more reasons to take a hair risk, check out the full video below:


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