Homeless Guy Gets Girls' Phone Numbers By Playing Guitar

This takes some bravery.

Zalman Krause has a nice voice and tons of talent, but nowhere to sleep.

At least, that's the portrayal he runs with in this very funny prank video by ModelPrankstersTV. In it, Zalman approaches women in New York City by walking up, serenading them with an admittedly sweet song, and then asking for their numbers.

Of course, he mentions in each situation that he is either living on the street or doesn't have a phone, or both. Surprisingly, that doesn't seem to deter the women in this video. Can we blame them? His skills are pretty on point.

Let us know in the comments if you think you'd give up your number for one of these tunes. And remember to never judge a book by its cover!


Of course, it doesn't ALWAYS work.

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