Famous Model Shows Off The Side Of Her Body You Don't Usually See In Fashion Magazines

"Stretchies, say hi!"

You are probably already familiar with Chrissy Teigen, famous model, TV show co-host and food aficionado. In case you are not, then here she is:


Here's Teigen cuddling with her husband, Grammy award-winning singer, and basically every teenage girl's dream boyfriend, John Legend:

And here she is again, showing off her flawless self in a photo shoot for Cosmopolitan magazine:

Thing is, not even Chrissy Teigen is as flawless as you would imagine. And she's not afraid to show it.

A couple of days ago, Teigen shared a revealing shot of her stretch marks on Instagram. The caption read: "Bruises from bumping kitchen drawer handles for a week. Stretchies say hi!"

Just like that, she sparked an enormous wave of positivity among women who also have stretch marks, either from puberty, giving birth, weight gain or loss.

Women from all over the world started sharing their "stretchies" and reignited the empowering hashtag #LoveYourLines.

"You're either looking at the the lines, or the reasons for them. Either way they are both just as amazing and beautiful."

"I have lines, courage lines, lines of love that will never die, lines of one of the best times of my life."

"I genuinely think that they are gorgeous. I will always flaunt mine, post pictures of them and love them because maybe my love for them will rub off on those who want to learn to love theirs."

"I used to hide my body because anything other than smooth, scar-free skin wasn't attractive to many. Now... I've come to appreciate every mark on my body left as a memory of the life that I brought into this world."

Because as some genius person once said, "your body is not ruined, you're a tiger who earned her stripes."

(H/T: BuzzFeed)


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