Model With Genetic Condition Shows The World What Beauty Looks Like, Inside And Out

So elegant.

Like so many models, Melanie Gaydos owes much of her success in the fashion world to genes. But while most people in the industry have genetics making them resemble Barbie, Gaydos was born a little different. 


The 27-year-old has ectodermal dysplasia, a genetic condition effecting her skin, hair, teeth and nails.

In a recent episode titled The World's Most Unique Model of BBC's series The Extraordinary Making of You, Gaydos opens up about growing up with the condition. She says kids nicknamed her Tweety Bird because of her bald head, and that her earliest memories involve people staring, and asking her family questions about her. 

"...growing up I didn't understand why people treated me differently. In school, kids would be really afraid of me...Children would run away."

While the condition made her childhood difficult, it has also given her a striking look, setting her apart from the rest — and modeling agencies noticed. 

Now, Gaydos is an internationally known high fashion model.

In a video interview with Style Like U's "What's Underneath Project," which showcases the inner and outer beauty of a variety of people, Gaydos says that modeling is therapeutic for her. She adds: 

"I’ve always thought of myself beyond all of the beauty standards. I never thought I was beautiful, but I also never thought I was ugly. For me, beauty was always more of a feeling and a state of being."

Through modeling, and showing the world that being comfortable in your own skin is beautiful, Gaydos is helping to transform ideas about beauty. Her photos are truly majestic, and we hope she continues modeling for a long time to come. 

Watch BBC's episode featuring Gaydos here:


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