ModCloth Is Promoting Girl Power With This 'Hot Tub Round Table' Video

"I want to inspire confidence in young women."

Online retailer ModCloth are a brand to be admired. They continuously show how fashion can be a vehicle for positive change, and are known for signing an anti-Photoshop pledge, stopping the use of the term"plus-size," on its website, and for featuring employees and women of all shapes, sizes, and abilities in its latest swimsuit campaign.


Now, ModCloth is celebrating girl power and female empowerment in its latest 'Hot Tub Round Table' video. Watch it below:

If you tuned into the first Hot Tub Round Table episode, you know the series is all about creating a platform for women who are helping to change the world. The hot tub is meant to be a safe space where the interviewees are free to speak their minds and open up about challenges women face.

The second episode (above) features ModCloth founder Susan Koger speaking with Christen Brandt from She's the First and Niki Srinivasa from I Am that Girl. Both organizations are about supporting girls so they can unleash their full potential to achieve their dreams. 

In the video, the trio relaxes in the tub in ModCloth's swimsuits, all while discussing things like how to prevent bulling, and how to become a role model.

In an email to A Plus, Koger explained why ModCloth wanted the second video to be about empowering younger generations. 

"The reason we chose to focus our second episode on empowering young women is because we believe that a future filled with strong, successful women begins with empowering girls today," Koger told A Plus.

Koger also told us why she chose Brandt and Srinivasa to be a part of the round table.

"As the co-founder of She's the First, Christen has helped over 850 scholars get the education they need to secure stable, successful futures. Niki practices peer-to-peer mentorship as a chapter leader of I Am that Girl, regularly hosting over 50 chapter members to discuss the issues young women face today and offer their mutual support."

She added, "Talking to both women, you can hear their personal investment in helping other women succeed in life [and] it's really inspiring."

In addition to the Hot Tub Round Table, both participants also modeled in ModCloth's Fall 2016 campaign. 

On what she hopes people will take away from watching the Round Table series and ModCloth's ads, Koger said: "The purpose behind ModCloth is to help every women feel like the best version of herself, and that mission inspires us in everything that we do, including the Hot Tub Round Table. I want to inspire confidence in young women by featuring successful, capable women who are making an impact on the world."

She concluded, "In the video, we talk openly about girl culture, and bullying, and access to education. I hope young women feel more confident after watching the video, and that women of all ages feel inspired to get involved and join the conversation."

We have seen other campaigns that show how role models make the best models, and ModCloth's Hot Tub Round Table series builds on this idea by giving inspiring women a platform to share their stories.

(H/T: ModCloth)


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