This DJ Wants Food Stamp Users To Eat Healthier Food. Twitter Pointed Out A Few Concerns.

"Congress should fix SNAP, not gut it."

When it comes to the current state of food stamps, Moby has a few things to do say about it.

The musician recently published an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal where he discussed how he believes food stamps, now known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), should not allow its recipients to purchase junk food with the government's benefits as a way to promote healthy eating instead.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture's website, the Food and Nutrition Act of 2008 formally defines eligible food for SNAP recipients as "any food or food products for home consumption," which means junk food — chips, cookies, and soda, for example — is a valid purchase for people who use these benefits, unless Congress decides to change that.


Moby also touched on his own experience growing up with food stamps until he was 16, and how the Trump administration wants to replace SNAP with food boxes. But when it comes to the future of SNAP, Moby believes focusing on health is the most important thing.

"Right now, a congressional arm-wrestling match is pitting those who want to preserve funding for SNAP against those who want to gut it," he said in the op-ed. "As I can attest from my childhood experience, SNAP really does help feed poor people, and no one wants to return to the days when America turned a blind eye to hunger. But it also puts a lot of unhealthful food on America's plate. Its costs are huge, as are the added costs of treating diabetes, hypertension and other illnesses that poor eating habits cause."

So far, Moby's op-ed has drawn a lot of criticism from people on Twitter who called the musician out for failing to recognize the different circumstances lower class families face when preparing food as well as food deserts, parts of the country that are void of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods.

Moby responded to the backlash he's received over the last few days with a post on Twitter to

Judging from his response, Moby's original point still stands for the government to restructure SNAP to exclude junk food from its benefits package.

"Congress should fix SNAP, not gut it," Moby said. "The U.S. can have healthier people, lower health-care costs, and a trimmer budget at the same time."

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