This Husband And Wife Reinvented Crutches To Improve People's Quality Of Life

It was time for an update.

Your average pair of crutches makes moving around easier, but users are well-aware the design leaves much to be desired. Namely, it's uncomfortable to support your weight under your armpits and maneuvering and balancing can be difficult.

That's why Mobility Designed decided it was time to reinvent the classic crutches, and come up with a design that allows crutch users to support themselves in a different, less painful way. 


The result is the M+D Crutch.

In a video about the M+D Crutch, industrial designer and Mobility Designed Co-Founder Max Younger explains how he and his wife Liliana Younger were inspired to update the classic crutch design after watching his father use crutches. After a recent leg amputation, his dad became dependent on the uncomfortable device, so he was looking for something to help him.

In the video, Younger points out the the auxiliary underarm crutch design is something that has been around since the Civil War, so it was about time for an update.

The new M+D Crutch allows crutch users to use their elbows instead of their armpits to support themselves.

The crutches hold the elbow and forearms, and are designed to absorb the impact of each step taken. What's more, users are able to move their arms up and down without removing their crutches, thanks to an elbow cradle that unlocks. The handle on the crutches can also be rotated out of the way for users who would like a hands-free option.

The feet of the crutches are able to be changed simply by pushing a button, and users are able to choose feet for snow, ice, sand, and even for athletic purposes.

When users do want to remove their crutches, they can do so easily thanks to the flexible arm tabs.

While the crutches are designed for permanent crutch users in mind, Mobility Designed states they would be perfect for temporary users, too, such as those with a sprained ankle. 

The M+D Crutches can be adjusted for heights between 4 foot 7 inches to 6 foot 8 inches, making them suitable for many different people.

Users can currently get the crutches from the Mobility Designed website at $499 a pair, or $249 for a single crutch. 

Max Younger hopes that the M+D Crutch will help people enjoy life in a pain-free manner. He says, "At Mobility Designed, we believe that mobility should be pain-free and let you live the life you want to life."

Liliana adds, "The hope we have for our company and for this product is that we really have an impact on people's lives and allow them to live the kind of life that they want to live."

Check out the video below to find out more about the M+D Crutches:

(H/T: Mashable


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