Meet The MMA Fighter With Down Syndrome Who Is Fighting For His Rights

Fighting for the right to fight.

Meet Garrett Holeve.


Also known as G Money, Holeve always had a dream of becoming a Mixed Martial Art (MMA) fighter, despite being born with Down syndrome. 

And now he's fighting for his right to be one. 

His story is coming to the public's attention after being covered in a video by The Guardian earlier this week. The publication reports back in 2013, Holeve was scheduled to have his first sanctioned fight in Florida against David Steffan, who has mild cerebral palsy on his left side. However, two minutes before the start they were notified that the Florida authorities deemed the fight to be a health risk, and that they would not be allowed to compete.

"Garett is very much aware that he has a Down's syndrome. He's aware how it has affected his life [...]" G Money's father, Mitch Holeve, told The Guardian. "Unfortunately, society has put limits on what they are willing to allow these people to do."

Just imagine being so in love with a sport, and having people tell you that you can't pursue that passion.

"No one goes this far to get to know myself or Garrett or any other fighter with disability," says Steffan.

Watch the entire video below. It poses some interesting questions.

(H/T: The Guardian)


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