This Is How Compact Face Powder Was Made 60 Years Ago

Such a beautiful craft.

Nowadays, people make beauty products from anything they have. There's the trend of using Crayola crayons as lipstick, baking soda to make toothpaste and charcoal pills to produce eyeliner.

Truth is, a whole lot of artistry goes into making actual cosmetics. And this vintage video from 1958 resurfaced by newsreel site British Pathé totally proves it. 

British Pathé's mesmerizing footage shows the process of a beauty specialist preparing made-to-order face powder from scratch. It's almost mind-numbingly impossible to believe that tiny piece of makeup most of us use every day had (and still has) so many subtleties to it!


First, the woman scoops different colors of powder and puts it into scales to measure.

She mixes pink, green and violet pigments, which are known to reduce the redness of the face and give it a matte, yet radiant look.

To bring it closer to her client's skin tone, she adds some beige powder and blends all the contents together using a palette knife.

Lastly, the beautician pours her mixture into a silver scoop and places it inside a hand-operated press that compresses the powder into a tiny compact.

Et voilà! The powder is made.

On a scale from one to bazillion, how cool is this?


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