Mitt Romney Can Barely Keep A Straight Face Reading Mean Tweets From Donald Trump

How he keeps his hair in place is hilarious.


Why do we love it so much when well-known people read mean tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live!?

Seriously, it doesn't matter if the stars in question are actors or even play an instrument and sing, or have found fame in some other fashion. The recurring bit on the late-night show is always a riot thanks to the celebrities being in on the joke and standing up to the jabs lobbed at them within colorful Twitter commentary. 

It's kind of like a humorous approach to teasing, and takes away some of the power of what could otherwise be hurtful commentary.

Up next in the "being a good sport" category is former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who tried to win the White House in 2012, but lost to incumbent and current president, Barack Obama. He recently gave a speech urging Republicans to not support Donald Trump, who seems to be well on his way to earning the GOP nomination for November's presidential election.

Trump did not bite his tongue after Romney's speech and neither did some of his fans, who took to Twitter to unleash their thoughts on the former Massachusetts governor. Check out the video above to see Romney get a good laugh out of what they had to say.


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